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"I can't promise titles, but we'll persist till the end" Josep Guardiola (16/08/08)



Two vintage pics of our Barça DNA winning the Copa Catalunya, the first one back in 2007 and the second one our Cadets in 2003 (see who you can spot in there lol).

What is Copa Catalunya?

Its a torunament organised by the Federació Catalana de Futbol that works by knockouts.
It started on 1984 and it was called "Copa Generalitat" but it wasn't an official competition. On the 1989-90 season it was organised for the first time for the FCF and so it became an official competition, even though only clubs from the 3rd "divisió" and lower categories took part on it. On the next year every club including the professional ones started playing and in 1993 they changed its name to Copa Catalunya.

How does it work?

With eliminatory matches at the stadium of the club from a lower category. The clubs from lower categories start the knockouts, then the clubs participating on promotions and then clubs from higher categories. Right now, the teams from Primera Divisió start the competition on semifinals.
The final is played on a neutral field. The competition has been played sometimes during the season and afterwards during summer.
This year things changed a little bit and they introduced a new system: three teams are in the final, Ewspanyol Espanyol, l'Hospitalet (from Segona Divisió B they are on the 15th position right now) and FC Barcelona. Each team will play against each other for 45 min.

What teams get to play?

Usually all the Catalan teams from Primera Divisió, Segona Divisió A and B and Tercera Divisió, the winners of Primera Catalana, Preferent Territorial and Primera Territorial. The B teams can't play it.

Who has been called today from Barça?

The 7 players from the first team that didn't play on Monday plus 15 players from the B team: Pinto, Jeffren, Keita, Bojan, Maxwell, Mascherano, Adriano, Thiago, Rochina, Vázquez, Soriano, Tello, Montoya, Bartra, Dos Santos, Romeu, Fontàs, Sergi Gómez, Riverola, Masip, Carmona and Abraham.

Where and when do they play?

In Sabadell, at la Nova Creu Alta stadium.

Espanyol - Hospitalet (20.30 h)
Espanyol - FCB (21.45 h)
Hospitalet - FCB (22.45 h)

Line up:

Don't know yet sorry, will update later.

For the tl;dr crowd, some eyecandy from yesterda's training session:

Lol i love this pic Thiago's face kills me

The B boys congratulated the big boys for the 5-0. :D
I love the long and 3/4 training pants and how it fits their legs.

icu laughing Fontàs.

is it bad that i can recognise them even when they are blurry? lol

Milito is still injured. He's been doing his own training sessions but is already on the field, so good news i hope.

Streams: Rojadirecta + Atdhe + IDK

Best of luck to our boys!! <3

Please don't let Ewspanyol win!!!

ps. Dear Mods, could we have a "Copa Catalunya" tag please? <3

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