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trying this one last time PRECLASICO ROUNDUP

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Copa Del Rey

Next Game: December 22 against Athletic Bilbao at Camp Nou



Summer signing records against Madrid

Mosaic for Monday

Remember, remember the end of November

Unofficial News and Press aka mostly comics

Translations are not mine, sorry for any mistakes!

Ramos: This year we’ll win el Clásico. Nevertheless, I said the same last year and we lost by two goals…and two years ago I said it too and they scored us six goals.

Pep: Against Madrid, we’ll do the only thing we know how to do: play football.

Mou: Against Barça we’ll do the only thing we can do: park the bus.

Barça has not been given any penalty yet…while Madrid has been given 5.
Cristiano Ronaldo: Well…to know how to dive is basic for playing in Madrid.

Casillas: Dear Cristiano, I know that you’re not exactly Einstein…but I’d appreciate it so much if you could stop annoying Messi and the others with that 8-goals thing…I remind you that it’s me who will be on the goal [during el Clásico]…and not so much time ago, we supposedly would give them a beating and they scored us 6 goals*.
Cristiano Ronaldo: What team does this Einstein play for?

Mou: It’s imposible that Barça wins by 8-0 on Monday…by 8-1, though, is possible!

In the line of fire, a post about the two keepers

Best of @barcastuff aka FEEL GOOD STUFF

Maldini: "The best defender right now is Pique who can defend and score. I like him a lot. He has class. He's perfect in a duo with Puyol."

Afellay: "Zubizarreta compared me with Iniesta? These are beautiful words, if someone like that says such things it makes me lost for words"

After 5 games (with Man United and Real Madrid), Cristiano Ronaldo has not yet scored against Barcelona

Guardiola will personally appoint the players who will appear at the press conferences scheduled ahead the clasico. Xavi, Pique, Busquets or Alves will not be selected to give a press conference ahead of Barcelona-Madrid.

Video: Making off photo shoot Victor Valdes [dtlux]

Zapatero (Spanish prime minister): "My prediction for the clasico? 4-2 for Barcelona." "Barça cherish and cultivate the intelligence of football and make it more than a physical contact sport. It reminds me of chess." "I respect Mourinho, but I prefer Guardiola, because of his personality."

Barcelona and Man United are the two teams left to become the best team of the first decade of the 21st century. Ranking best team of the decade: 1 Barcelona 2 Man Utd 3 Liverpool 4 Arsenal 5 Inter 6 AC Milan 7 Bayern 8 Madrid

Cesc: "Pique is a phenomenon, both on and off the pitch. We have an excellent relationship since our time together at Barça's academy. As a Barça fan, I want Barcelona to win the clasico. As a pro, I think Madrid are more dangerous than in the past years.

Picture: Sunny Valdes [via @ibuyuuu]

Busquets: "Chelsea interested? It's always an honour but, although you never know, I'm only thinking about staying at Barça."

In 8 games so far, Lionel Messi has scored 7 goals against Iker Casillas

Maduro (Valencia): "At a club like Madrid it's more about who you are. At Barça it's about what you can."

Hoddle, Venables, Souness asked "Messi or Ronaldo?" All three go for Messi

Messi has scored 15 goals in his last 10 official games with Barcelona, breaking Ronaldo's record of 14 goals

In the Liga clasicos, the home team has won 60% of the games, the away team 21%

Video: Paul the Octopus predicts the winner of Barcelona-Madrid

Mourinho is currently named in 387 tweets an hour, Guardiola in 30

Semi-Serious Transfer Rumors
Barcelona is preparing another attempt to sign Villarreal midfielder Borja Valero (25) in the summer. This year, the negotiations to sign Borja were well-advanced but in the end Barcelona didn't go through with the deal.

Man City are agreeing a budget for winter transfers and are ready to make a bid for Dani Alves, who they failed to sign last summer

The board has decided to put all renewal talks - with Alves, Busquets and Bojan - on hold until after the game against Madrid.

Athletic Bilbao has given Gorka Iraizoz a deadline to sign a contract renewal. The goalkeeper has offers from Arsenal and Barcelona.

Barcelona could be interested in signing French-Moroccan Arsenal forward Marouane Chamakh (26) in January.

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Stuff that doesn’t go anywhere else

Bojan and Pique ultimate bffs

do not like bojan with stubble

sorry its early but i am not here for the next few days i dont think.

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