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Weekly Barca Roundup

La Liga

Match report

Match gifspam

Match gifspam

Champions League

Next Game: November 24 against Panathinaikos at Camp Nou


Depending on the match, some or all of the following options will be available: Travel with the team: a unique way to experience an away game, just as if you were one of the team. For each away match there are a limited number of places available on the official Barcelona plane. You travel with the stars, you sleep in the same hotel plus coach transfers between the airport, the hotel and the stadium. There's no more exciting way to experience the matches. The trip is on the day before the match, then an overnight stay in the host city and then returning after the match. Members enjoy a 5% discount

Copa Del Rey

Next Game: December 22 against Athletic Bilbao at Camp Nou



Messi keeps on smashing records

Seven consecutive games on target
Seventh hat-trick
30 two-goal performances

Unofficial News and Press

"Pep: If we have something to say,  we say it on the field"

Before the game between Almeria and FC Barcelona yesterday, Almeria player Henok Goitom wrote on his twitter page, ”11 Warriors vs Barcelona today at 20:00″.
After Barcelona had trashed Goitom’s Almeria with 8-0, he was asked again on twitter: “how did it go with 11 warriors?” to which he replied, “they died after some minutes. All shot”.

Above from

Best of @barcastuff aka FEEL GOOD STUFF

Andersson: "There was always a good spirit in Barça's dressing room. Players were humble and keen to play for the betterment of the team.”
Andersson (ex-Barcelona): "Puyol and Xavi stayed the same, still very humble despite all their success."

Sir Alex Ferguson: "Piqué? I'm not suprised by the progress of Gerard and he can still get better. It's a sensational boy."

Several Barcelona players gave their shirt to Almeria player Fabian Vargas in support of the victims of floods in Colombia

Pekerman (ex-coach ARG): "Messi never was afraid of failure. He always thinks positive and that's why he triumphs. Over the last 15 years, I've worked with many players, but no one like him. Messi's a different player.From the start, I felt Messi was a genius. He has no limits: Leo will get where he wants to get."

Guardiola: "Bojan never lost his confidence, and neither did we. Last season he was crucial at the end. When we need him, he's there."

Semi-Serious Transfer Rumors

Barcelona is preparing another attempt to sign Villarreal midfielder Borja Valero (25) in the summer. This year, the negotiations to sign Borja were well-advanced but in the end Barcelona didn't go through with the deal.

Man City are agreeing a budget for winter transfers and are ready to make a bid for Dani Alves, who they failed to sign last summer

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Stuff that doesn’t go anywhere else
No reported injuries at the moment, but Higuain and Khedira are missing the Champion’s League game against Ajax due to an injury

I am still going to playing around with the layout and posting day but I thought I'd do this for starters. What day do you guys think it would be best to post on? I was thinking Monday, but I am not sure. Friday also might be good because its close to the end of the week, and I don't think any games are really played on fridays? Also suggestions of what to add/remove is always welcome. I have a feeling that these posts are going to be gigantic, so i want to put what matters most to you guys :)
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