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Andrew's tanning lotion.

Gràcies Pep.

Hello everybody! Do you remember THIS POST about Pep's 40th Birthday and about us making a book for him?

Well i'm bringing you some news.

1. I am happy so many of you are so excited and ready to participate on this. I promise I'll try my best to do a great job and our message to him will be full of love! :)

2. Due to a couple of recent creepy situations i'm kinda scared to be giving away my adress on the internet. I know we spend a lot of time here and i got to know a lot of you really well, but i don't feel like it. Instead i've decided that when you have your page done, you can scan it and i'll print it. You can do it of course on the computer, as well. I have a really good printer and i can assure you it will look almost as good. :) I hope you're not very disappointed and understand my situation. Also: I love you all and i don't think you're crepes, i'm just kinda paranoid.

3.  Since the "delivery" will be much more easy and obviously faster, I am going to delay de deadline to the last week of December, so you have half of your Chirsmas holidays to work on your masterpieces! :) I will write a reminder in about a month so that you don't forget. ;)

4. I thought that when I have the whole book done i'll take pics and make a post so you can all feel proud and enjoy the final look of our beautiful gift.


6. I'M STILL EXTREMELY HAPPY AFTER YESTERDAY'S MATCH. I WOKE UP TODAY WITH A GIANT GRIN ON MY FACE AND I SPECIALLY FEEL EXTREMELY PROUD OF MY BOY. even though my brother has forbidden me to put his name on the barça tshirt i'm getting this christmas "so i don't jinx him".
Tags: barça propaganda, birthday, celebration, culés rejoice, pep guardiola, pimping
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