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Tuesday i'm in love

Here's some news on the next Barça B Copa del Ray Hudson Rey match, and what's been going on today.

But first, have my favourite Fontàs pic, because i'm feeling generous today:

·1. On Tuesday the team plays the first Copa del Rey match of the season against Ceuta, a team that plays at 2a B.

2. They are travelling by plane to Malaga and then, for the first time in the history, they are gonna travel by helicopter from Malaga to Ceuta. lmao please, i need pics and/or video of this!!!!!

3. The club has said that Messi, Busquets,Valdés, Iniesta, Piqué, Alves, Puyol and Villla won't travel to Ceuta and will stay in Barcelona training.

4. Instead, Nolito,


  and Barta

along with Thiago (who already played some minutes yesterday against Zaragoza)

will join the rest of the team and travel to Ceuta.

EDIT: JDS will also travel with them, thanks neecule 

5. Today 13 players from the B team have joined Guardiola for the training session: Dos Santos, Nolito, Fontàs, Riverola, Benja, Thiago, Saúl, Rochina, O. Romeu, Miño, V. Vázquez, Edu Oriol and Bartra.

6. Today Piqué, Villa, Valdés, Busquets, Puyol, Alves, Iniesta and Messi weren't called for the training session, but Villa, Valdés and Busquets came to work anyway. 

7. Meanwhile, Xavi and Milito are still doing recovery training. Yesterday on my radio station they interviewed the doctor from the club very shortly and he talked about Xavi. He says it's normal that he has problems on his tendons because of his age but the treatment they are doing is really good and it's gonna work.

8. Also, today at the training session they had the visit of Frank de Boer, who played at Barça between 1997 and 2003. He's on holidays with his family and Barcelona for 4 days. He's currently training the Ajax babies. He's praised Barça's game and Godiola's work.

9. Here's some pics of the training session. I hate you, hdy not putting any Fontàs pic? smh!

10. The B bbs lost at home yesterday, for the first time this season, against Huesca 0-1.
This makes me sad, i couldn't watch the match but i've read the reports and apparently our bbs played better than Huesca. Here's some pics from the match to cheer you up. Still, needs moar Fontàs.

11. Today Keite had a press conference you can read about here. Most important thing is he confessed he doesn't like planes and "helicopters even less". LOL Please, please, i REALLY want footage of this trip!!!!

sources: my radio station, random twits and the obvious.
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