November 3rd, 2011


new website launched, wheeeeeee

For the last year, rumours have been swirling about a possible re-design of the official website, with Dídac Lee, Club director of technologies even bringing in 'outside help.' After a few years of the current site, it has become outdated and a hassle to navigate. Other clubs have already moved into the future of a user-friendly interface, including Manchester City, and lord help us all, Real Madrid.

As Lee's tweets became more and more excited about the coming changes and his hints at 'suprises,' we were wondering what exactly this re-design would consist of? Ease of navigation, of course. Better graphics and over all more aesthetically pleasing, we hoped so.

The wait is over.

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We're kind of dying over here to be completely honest. So we'll close with this gif, which is how we feel right now.

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FC Barcelona just released a statement that they're going to sell these two players, as their animosity towards each other is disrupting the feeling of camaraderie in the changing room. On the list of footballers who might replace the two rogues there are names that will make us forget Messi and Villa very soon, some informers say: the names will not be disclosed until the next press conference, but our anonymous sources say players of the caliber of Alexander Hleb might be brought back. Culés will surely rejoice at this wonderful piece of news! After all, who will mourn the loss of such a pigheaded, selfish player such as Leo Messi?
Don't believe us? Watch the last interview Messi has given to Barça TV, and see for yourselves.

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