October 18th, 2011


questions, take 2!

Okay. Due to the popularity of the last time we did this, we're bringing an old feature back. So that means this is a


Do you have a question about Barcelona or football in general you've always wanted to ask but haven't or felt too embarrassed to? Does the Champions League format confuse you? Are you curious about the different crests?

Ask here. All comments are screened - only the mods can view them.

Questions will be gathered, answered, and posted for next Monday's info post.

If you asked a question last time and never got an answer, please submit it again. We're terribly sorry, but things were lost in the shuffle and we'll answer it this time. Please also note that a few bigger questions could be pulled for more in depth posts if the mods decide to do so.

Thiago thanks Jona you for your time.