August 9th, 2010

barcelona; abi's hips don't lie

leave your message/ marriage proposal/date letter/love confession on the boys' lockers!

Hola fellow Culitas!

You know the EPIC Joan Gamper cup, the match between Barca and AC Milan? Well the official website has made an oppurtunity for you to leave a message for your boys before the game!

Just follow this link, and remember, you dont have to be an officially registered fan or member to do this!

The best 5 messages will be displayed on the players' lockers for the game! AND you can send it to just one, or all players!


Share your messages in the comments, and make them stand out! LADIES. DO NOT DISSAPPOINT US.

btw I sent "ETS LO PUTO ROCKY CULER!"  to Puyol. lets hope he gets the reference ;)


lol ps i also told Iniesta that he is andres fucking iniesta and can do anything! hahaha oh jesus
GOT: Iain Glen

I don´t know if you have heard this news...

F.C. Barcelona and Werder Bremen agree the Özil transfer... this has been said this afternoon in some spanish TV channels. But club lets Pep to be the one who decide... Obviously it already has been said that Pep has rejected him... so, again club and Pep have a disagreement.

My thoughts:

someone from the club leaks the information knowing that Pep doesn't want him, just to let us know that they are moving finding players and making Pep look bad. 

I hope I'm wrong, but all this doesn´t look good  :(

EDIT: it seems that Pep doesn´t  say anything yet but this topic doesn´t look good anyway. We Will see in a few days.