April 23rd, 2009

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match report

Along with Spanish pop/rock band Estopa, Antonio Banderas was present at last night's game and had a few things to say about Barça.
"I can see Barça as champion in all three competitions. They’re unstoppable and I will risk saying they will win the three titles."

"It was a beautiful game of football with a fundamental star - Andrés Iniesta. He’s surprising everyone. Whichever team you support you have to take your hat off to Barça. They’re making us enjoy the season and they’ll give the fans a lot of pleasure."

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Next Game: vs Valencia in the Mestalla, April 25th @ 22:00 (4PM EST)
stock; raining <3's

Pichichi & Zamora standings

After 32 games played here are the current standings...

Pichichi (awarded to the top goal scorer in the league)

27 » Samuel Eto'o
25 » David Villa (Valencia)
22 » Forlán (Atlético Madrid)
20 » Lionel Messi
19 » Negredo (Almería)

Zamora (awarded to the goalkeeper with the lowest coefficient [goals to game ratio])

(goal-to-game ratio » goals conceded/games played)
0.75 » 24/32 » Víctor Valdés
1.00 » 30/30 » Palop (Sevilla)
1.03 » 33/32 » Casillas (Real Madrid)
1.28 » 37/29 » Toño (Racing Santander)
1.29 » 40/31 » Aranzubía (Deportivo)

Eto'o has won the Pichichi once before in 2005-06 with 26 goals. Valdés has previously won the Zamora in 2004-05 conceding 25 goals in 35 games (0.71).