April 15th, 2009

Xavi // EEEE!! =D

I have to share this here. :D


Xavi: "The Treble is Close."

In the presentation of the book edited by SPORT, Xavi Hernández has admitted that the possibility of his team winning the three competitions at hand (Liga, Champions League and King's Cup) "is close", though he calls for prudence since the moment of the season in which "we have to focus on" good feelings.

"We're proud of the season we're playing and the best part is yet to come. Everyone would switch places with us," the Spanish international said during the presentation of "My Life is Barça", a book written by the journalist Javier Miguel and edited by SPORT, in which his career as a player at Barcelona is covered.

The player considers that the elimination rounds of the semifinals against Chelsea will be "very complicated", although he reminds everyone that Barça will arrive "in a great moment physically and mentally". Xavi thinks that Barça "has it all" to move forward, but also remembers that historically Chelsea has made things complicated. For that reason, he considers it fundamental to keep the goals scored at zero in the first leg, which will be played at Camp Nou.

The midfielder admits that the season his team is having is "excellent", that the moment is "the best in history", but he insists that they have to prove it with titles. "We're going through a spectacular moment," one of Barça's captains admitted, who reminded everyone that often when things go well for the team it's because the people in the cantera are the ones who "pull the weight", since in the end "talent always comes out on top."

Xavi has no qualms in admitting that, after missing out on the final won by Barça in Paris (2006), he has a thorn in his side. "I hope to be able to play in Rome. In Paris I was on the bench. Every footballer wants glory and we touched it there, but I didn't feel like I was part of it," he explained.

Of his ten years on Barcelona's first team, a career path that is explained in the book "My Life is Barça", Xavi wants to be left with "all the titles together" and on a personal level "in the ovations at Camp Nou", specifically when he returned to play after an extended injury.


There's also a video! :D It's short (like :30) so I'll get to translating it ASAP. :D

[The book is set for release on the 23rd to celebrate Sant Jordi, which is "The Day of the Book" in Barcelona. Anyone who's in Catalunya on the 23rd can get it at the local kiosk. :) Which means I am exempt and I may or may not be incredibly upset at this fact.]

Also, here's an article on Joan Laporta, Barça's president, being an enormous fanboy. Because he is, in his diplomatic way. xDDD

Laporta: Barça Would Not be Understood Without Xavi"

FC Barcelona's president believes that the club is so great "thanks to people like Xavi"

During the presentation of "My Life is Barça", Xavi Hernández's autobiography edited by SPORT, Joan Laporta didn't hold back on any praise for the Terrassan midfielder.

Barcelona's president had no qualms in classifying Xavi as one of "the most important players in the history of Barça" and assured that the Barcelona club is what it is "thanks to people like Xavi".

The club's leader, who has always declared himself to be a fan of Xavi's play, continued to praise the midfielder, assuring everyone that Barça's number 6 is "a virtuoso, the lord of the ball". For all that, the director concluded pointing out that "one cannot understand Barça's football without Xavi's."



Tan enamorada estoy. :)

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dani alves will fuck you up

upcoming schedule

unrelated gif, w/e

I was unhappy with Pep's selection yesterday because he played the entire first team (minus Titi who was out with a fever) when Barca had a 4 goal advantage. Barca have a lot of tough matches coming up and they need to rest their players whenever they can, and there were a lot of players Pep could have started over Iniesta, Messi, Eto'o etc. After a few minutes into the match I was less apprehensive over his line up because Bayern were (surprisingly?) good and put a lot of pressure on Iniesta and Messi and I don't think any of the back up players could have dealt with it as well.

This is the upcoming schedule:

18/4: Getafe vs Barca
22/4: Barca vs Sevilla
25/4: Valencia vs Barca
29/4: Chelsea vs Barca (CL semis first leg)
03/5: Real Madrid vs Barca
07/5: Barca vs Chelsea (CL semis second leg)
10/5: Barca vs Villareal
13/5: Atletic Bilbao vs Barca (Copa del Rey Finals)

These are all very tough matches! I would even rate Getafe up there because playing them always means a physical match and it's sort of a mini derby.

There will be a point where they'll have to play 4 games in 3 competitons in 10 days!

I'm really worried that the boys will be exhausted because not only are they playing a match almost every 3 days, they're playing against very difficult opponents.

Idk I thought I'd just give you guys a heads up

yay barca are the only non-english team left in the CL!

i feel good about playing chelsea because i think barca's first touch/short pass style will be effective against chelsea's "pace and pressure". i guess it'll be kinda like spain v england since barca's playing philosophy is very similar to the national team's in terms of passing and possession. i just hope it's not an all english final again, hopefully barca can change that :)