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he's just too awesome for words.

Yesterday there was the presentation of Time Force's new like of watches and jewelry (oic) that will be signed by Gerard Piqué. The barça player talked to the press and posed for pictures later. Time Force says Gerard is in the campaing because he's as famous as Cristiano Ronaldo or Elsa Pataky (lol stop. dis bitch is only famous cos Adrien Brody bought her a castle): "Gerard represents the values of leadership, ambition and sacrify that we want to transmit."

Gerard advised all barça fans: "People may want a change. The rivals only think about winning us, they know us better every time and like you've seen, they are more defensive at Camp Nou." However, they have an antidote in the changing rooms: "We don't care. We want to continue winning and we're going to work more and more to play better and keep our place."

About Ujfalusi he asked respect for the Comité and asked to forget about it as soon as possible.  He also admitted that the team misses Messi: "he's almost essential, but we'll go on. We shouldn't watch statistics about the matches he wasn't playing."

He almost didn't mention Real Madrid, only to talk about Mourinho's justifications and the alledged tiredness of the team: "The pre-seasons are not good, you don't train a lot and it's difficult to start, but that happens to everybody."

Here's a video of him talking in spanish. This is the lulzy part. Seriously, this man... I can't even. It's so awesome that he's able to joke about his sexuality this way. <3
Btw, i wanna thankibuyu for this video because I stole it Winona Ryder style from her twitter.

Translation of what he says:

Q: Would you mind sharing a campaign with Cristiano Ronaldo?
Gerard: I wouldn't have any problems. That's Time Force's decision.
TF man: We're planning to do so. But we'll change a little bit the ad, because as you've seen, in Cristiano and Elsa's ad there's some intense scenes and we don't see Cristiano and Gerard going there. We'll look for another script.
G: I'm sure some people do see it. But whatever. (lmaoooooooooooooooooo)
Q: How do you feel about the media talking about your private life?
G: Well, if I had to listen to all the rumours, Zlatan would be really sad right now. (lol i love him sfm!!!!!!) And there were also some pictures of me kissing a man. That was my brother if you didn't know: (ew, awkward) So... that's the way things are.
Q: So, you take it philosophically.
G: Yes, very philosophically.

I guess they asked about Messi here.
G: It's obvious that having or not having the best player in the world influenciates us, but I think that the team has always responded well. We don't have to look at the statistics of when we play, with Leo, without Leo... He's very important. Almost essential.

damn you stupid watermarks!

Source in ejpanish.
mas salsa por favor.

pd. OMG Pep is having a press conference RN. 1. Abidal is back (yay!!!!). 2. Messi will probably be fit to play with Argentina's NT, "we've talked with Baptista and if he's fine he will be called" (FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU)
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