Trinity15 (triniroslin15) wrote in _fcbarcelona_,

Ibra Vs Pep

This has happened after Gamper trophy:

Ibrahimovic to a Italian media: I dont know what happened but Pep only talked to me twice in six months.

Pep some minutes after in Press conference:
If only talked with him twice it's for some reason"


A lot of shit now between them and obviously, Ibra has to leave Barça now... but I guess Barça won't get anything from Milan, just a one-year loan. We'll see tomorrow when negotiations between Barça & Milan keep going


Pep has said this: (i'll try to translate)

I insist, for the good of the institution is better not to talk about Ibrahimovic, and there is always a reason why I didn´t talk with him more than twice, a reason that I won´t explain for the good of the institution and it depends on where he goes if I say the reason.  I will talk with him and will make the things clear.

(sorry for my english) >_<

Tags: ibrahimovic, news, pep guardiola
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