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book news

As some of you may be aware, Andres Iniesta has written a book about his experiences of the previous season, entitled 'A Year in Paradise - My Diary of the Treble'. Apparently the book contains not only his accounts of significant moments during 08-09, but also some of the photos he took during that year.

Here's where I get to my question: are any of you guys planning/able to pick this up? (It is available in Spanish and Catalan.) And if so, is there any chance of some scans and sharing of interesting bits? *g*

Bonus question, since we're on the topic of books: has anyone here got Guardiola's La meva gent, el meu futbol? Or even the biography by Jaume Collell that came out earlier this year? (I imagine that one should be interesting since it was written by a guy interested in Guardiola the person rather than Guardiola the player or the coach.)
Tags: iniesta, news, pep guardiola
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