Victoria (0ntheverge) wrote in _fcbarcelona_,

Post match comments after Chelsea

Tags: champions league, gerard piqué, iniesta, pep guardiola, post-match comments, videos, xavi the conductor, yaya touré

  • GoldenFoot 2011

    I am not as net-active lately as I used to/'d like to so I am not sure if this was allready posted but ... XAVI AND PUYI GOT NOMINATED FOR GOLDEN…

  • Gerard Pique is wearing a Blaugrana robe.

    According to Mundo Deportivo, the advert is for Sky Italia to promote sport aired on the channel. Well, it would be more…

  • dame un besoooooo

    Who do you think made the best cameo in this video? I SAY LAHM, KUN, AND JORGE > EVERYONE ELSE TBH lol thx to barcastuff

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