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upcoming schedule

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I was unhappy with Pep's selection yesterday because he played the entire first team (minus Titi who was out with a fever) when Barca had a 4 goal advantage. Barca have a lot of tough matches coming up and they need to rest their players whenever they can, and there were a lot of players Pep could have started over Iniesta, Messi, Eto'o etc. After a few minutes into the match I was less apprehensive over his line up because Bayern were (surprisingly?) good and put a lot of pressure on Iniesta and Messi and I don't think any of the back up players could have dealt with it as well.

This is the upcoming schedule:

18/4: Getafe vs Barca
22/4: Barca vs Sevilla
25/4: Valencia vs Barca
29/4: Chelsea vs Barca (CL semis first leg)
03/5: Real Madrid vs Barca
07/5: Barca vs Chelsea (CL semis second leg)
10/5: Barca vs Villareal
13/5: Atletic Bilbao vs Barca (Copa del Rey Finals)

These are all very tough matches! I would even rate Getafe up there because playing them always means a physical match and it's sort of a mini derby.

There will be a point where they'll have to play 4 games in 3 competitons in 10 days!

I'm really worried that the boys will be exhausted because not only are they playing a match almost every 3 days, they're playing against very difficult opponents.

Idk I thought I'd just give you guys a heads up

yay barca are the only non-english team left in the CL!

i feel good about playing chelsea because i think barca's first touch/short pass style will be effective against chelsea's "pace and pressure". i guess it'll be kinda like spain v england since barca's playing philosophy is very similar to the national team's in terms of passing and possession. i just hope it's not an all english final again, hopefully barca can change that :)

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