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El Clasico countdown: 3 days!

Quote of the day:

Q: Are you especially motivated to play against Real Madrid at Camp Nou?
Leo Messi: Well, it's a special match because it's Real Madrid. But, basically, it's just the usual: two teams, eleven players...

Video of the day:

Leo said that in an interview days before this game, the most exciting of the recent Clasicos:

+ The latest speculation as regards Real's make-shift backline is that it will be Metzelder-Ramos-Cannavaro-Salgado. That's right, Salgado to mark Messi (if Pep sees fit to put Leo on the right again).

+ On the Barca side, everybody's doing fine, except Aleks Hleb who has a fever and had to miss training.

+ The official website makes my life easier with a series of preview articles: one focusing on the influence of Dutch players on first Barca and now Real and on Juande Ramos' year in charge of Barca B.

+ Xavi spoke to the press and was properly very cautious about Barca's prospects.

And finally, just an early reminder: _fcbarcelona_ will be hosting a live reaction post on Saturday. The game's at 10PM local time. Please come and join us - it's better than freaking out by yourself! *g*
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