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El Clasico countdown: 4 days!

Quote of the day:

"In the Camp Nou, I felt something extra when I scored that second goal. If there had been a roof in the stadium it would have blown off. The sound was unbelievable. I remember the challenge, the massiveness of the game, the incredible atmosphere, the explosion of noise..." - Gary Lineker on the night he scored a hat-trick in El Clasico

Video of the day:

Our current manager took part in Barca's last major blowout against Real, the 5-0 victory of the Dream Team back in 1994, featuring a hat-trick from Romario.


+ Real have a new coach! It's our old friend Juande Ramos, who once coached Barca B and knows players such as Puyol and Xavi from that period. As Pep acknowledged in his post-match press conference for the CL game, this will oblige him to change his preparations a little to deal with Ramos' tactical approach.

+ Injury and suspensions news: on the Real front, Van Nistelrooy and Diarra are definitely out through long-term injury; Miguel Torres and Pepe are also injured in the short-term; Marcelo and Robben are suspended; Heinze, Metzelder, Drenthe, Sneijder are doubts, and Ruben de la Red's playing future is still uncertain after his collapse some weeks ago.

On the Barca front, Iniesta is in the last stage of his recovery, and Gabi Milito is getting there slowly, but other than that there are no absences to report as of today. Let's hope it stays that way.
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