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okay so i'm seeing FATA on the 30th of september here in los angeles...
is anyone else planning on going?

question for everybody- does melanie (that's her name, right?) always perform at the shows? i've only seen them once and she was there, but seeing as how she's not on the new album, do you think she'll be there?

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today = fata / comebackkid / rise against show .
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ♥
shall be my fith fata show since like , sixth grade, never gets old, maybe ill meet thme for the 6th time as well. i dunno, im suped though, going with the red head, fatty, travis, and ryan . ill be wearing jeans and a "greatest lovers were murderers first" shirt if you wanna say hi or whatever , i dunno.

so who else is attending ?
(palladium, ma)

oh yeah, by the way, my names jamie (im a girl), and ive beenw atching this community for a while now, but recently joined. nice to be here.
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went to see FATA Tonight with comeback kid, rise against and the loved ones.

the loved ones were queers.

we didnt stay for rise against.

but fucking Comeback kid was awesome !

... and FATA..... was FUCKING AMAZING. i love them so much.hahahha.

i got their setlistttttt.
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Ok so even though the tour just started today i was wondering if anyone knew anything about the merch?
Is it different then whats on the site and if so does anyone know any of the prices?
Ill be going to the detroit show tomorrow on the 11th.
If anyone else is going say hi or somthing if you recognize me (from this highly edited icon ;) )
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