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FATA merch

This is your embarrassingly distant and inactive mod.

I am doing a long-anticipated room cleaning, and was wondering if people were still interested in FATA merch in these parts?

If so, I'll have a few merch items up for grabs on eBay.  Only if there's legitimate interest though.

Off of the top of my head, I know I have:

- "Short Stories With Tragic Endings" shirt (dark grey with black text)
- Derek Hess shirt (of the guy blowing the heart out out of his hand)
- Shirt w/ logo on front, Too Bad You're Beautiful album cover on back (black)
- Derek Hess messenger bag (same design as shirt)
- Derek Hess poster, autographed by all except Fran

All of these items are extremely old and rare, so let me know if there's an interest and I'll put 'em up.


PS:  Anyone wanna take over this community?

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