_vanitynumber (_vanitynumber) wrote in _fata,

Hi i dont know if this is allowed, but Vet bills are a drag and he needs more medical care- so its worth a shot

FATA shirts All shirts are a medium and 10 dollars shipped

the one with the morbid girl and a knife thorugh her head (never worn) got it about 3 years ago when they played with Alkaline Trio

the one with the man shooting and there is a bullseye- and in red lettering- FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES never worn

the one with the leaves and cursive writing new w/ tags never worn

Hoodie 20 shipped

This is an old style hoodie I got this 4 years ago- its worn in, but really comfortable- its in awesome condition. no cracks, discoloring or holes. and it smells like heaven.

i prefer paypal. and i hope someone finds something they like thanks!
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