December 15th, 2003

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This has been the most amazing weekend of my life. Both Saturday and Sunday I saw Dearly Departed (they sucked), NORA(ROCKED), Avenged Sevenfold (ROCKED), and FATA (AMAZING). Saturday I was chillin' with Fran before and after the show. I had front row both days so yeah def. got some brusies but it was well worth it. Yesterday(sunday) I had a convo with Ben, Fran, Carl (NORA) and told the bassist of Avenged he was hot. heh. I got a set list, 2 pics(brians and scotts), a drumstick, and a million autographs. It was nice. I have so many pictures, once I have time I'll post them here. Finally the band is off for a month + so maybe I'll see them around town =D ...hope you guys have the time of your lives seeing them. They're so amazing live!
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Well hey I am pretty new to this community...blah.. My name is Monika. I made some icons a couple of weeks ago..they aren't the best because it was when I first started making animated icons. have fun.
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I know someone already made an icon like this. But it's really small. So I took their idea and the picture they used and made my own. You can use it for LJ now and it's not really small. If you take it, comment and please credit me. Thanks.
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