March 6th, 2003


not only keeping this place alive, but posting something somewhat newsworthy! some of it is old news, so don't yell at me if you already know. i'm just feeling lazy lately :)

- as many of you may know, from autumn to ashes is touring with taking back sunday and recover for the "takeover tour." breaking pangea, count the stars, my chemical romance, somehow hollow, and tickertape parade are rotatiing the opening spot, but either way, it should be a good tour. check here for FATA tourdates, and if you want tickets for the takeover tour shows, you can get a link to purchase them here:

- if you haven't seen it already, and have either realplayer or windows media player, you can view the somewhat new video for "the royal crown -vs- blue duchess" here. i think it's a pretty good video, and if you so feel the desire, vote for it on "all things rock" on mtv2.

- lastly, two kids from the FATA board started a from autumn to ashes chat channel on mIRC. i'm an operator in there, so you all should come and talk to me sometime, hehe. if you have mIRC, here is the info:

server: DALnet
channel: #fatachat

if you don't have mIRC, you can download it for free at if you need assistance in setting it up and getting into the channel, you can IM me at only speak two on AIM, or just comment on this thread if you have any difficulties.

that's it. hope everyone is doing swell. :)

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