December 1st, 2002

corny intro = <3

hello, kids.

i am the founder/maintainer of this community, jessica. just doing a quick intro before i go to sleep.

from autumn to ashes is one of my favorite bands. i've seen them four times, fifth coming up on december 23rd. unlike most people, my favorite song isn't "short stories with tragic endings"...they're "the royal crown -vs- blue duchess" and "the switch"...and if "mercury rising" counts as a song, then that too, because i think that is one of the most amazing pieces of writing ever. hopefully, i can get some people around here. i'd feel cool starting what i think is the first and only FATA community.

i'm working on a from autumn to ashes site of my own, so if anyone has photos, live mp3s, interviews, or anything you'd like to submit for use (with full credit), you can e-mail me at

i have some photos that i've taken up here if anyone is interested. if you want to use them for anything, please ask first and give me credit.

keep it real, gangstas.

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Hey. My name is ray. I live in brooklyn, ny.
I enjoy fata. I also enjoy poison the well, walls of jericho, eighteen visions, keepsake, glasseater. I listen to a whole lot of music. from bright eyes to converge to lifetime to the promise ring. Yeah im a pretty boring guy.

my icon is a pic of me and ann marie from Dreams Forever Drowning. Check them out if you'd like. Im in most of there videos dancing or singing. yep

thats all
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