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The users and abusers,
The Hell raisers and the fakers,
The wanna bes and blind deceit,
When your blood begins to boil
You know they are close by.
You can smell the strong oder growing
As the parasite comes near.
Fight it if you can
But those early made ties cant be torn.
Like a leach they have got you.
You are the horse and they your master.
The will suck your weak body dry.
They leave nothing
But food for the vultures.
You were nothing.
Just a toy for their own sick amusement.
Your life and all that time,
Its worth absolutely nothing.
You were just there.
An eager participant
In there twisted game.
Fight to get free
But its you they have chosen.
Nothing to do now but wait for death.
Victim of your own optimism.

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