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"Be forwarned: lives are taken, death is provoked, hate has risen, hope is lost.

I stood watching his soul rise above me into the blank, cloudless sky. Judgement day has come for my love and he will not go unpunished. A place in hell has been saved for his soul long before i knew his name. He believes or... believed that he could never make up for his horrible past and did not deserve to go to heaven. I tried to explain that he was completely wrong but he never listens to me. His crimes must have been so vile he wouldnt dare to utter them. My guess is he may have raped or even killed someone while he was flying high all those years ago. Whos to say now. God, he is so stuborn. He tries to act tough but hes a big softy. I once saw him feeding a ally cat on the fire escape of his apartment. Hes so handsome. There are no words to discribe his blue eyes. And his blonde, stringy hair stops right at the center of those beautiful blues. I loved him more than you know. Some say our distance and difference between us is what kept us apart, which i believe is far from the truth. The "pretty boy" thing wasnt really what i was looking for, and i'm sure he wasnt looking for someone like me. We accually had alot more in common than he thought we would. just the way he said hi to me made me fall in love with him. Hes to artistic and loving. Well, he was. I mean he was so perfect. Too perfect. Now, a lifeless body lays in my arms, and a bloody knife in my hand. I loved him! Why didnt he see that? He must have saw something in that slut i saw him with. But thats ok, i took care of her. Now he has to love me. Our love is bound. Like romeo and juliet, we will die together, be judged together, and burn in hell together. All he had to do was love me... "

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    AWEEEEEEEEE! those 3 are going to kill me.

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