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I have a few of the pics from my camera that went everywhere. i'll name them as i go.

This is tif and I waiting in line to get into mellon arena to see WWE monday night raw. it was poring down rain when we left the car but it stoppede when we got up there. i do have tons of pics of the matches but they are REALLY dark so i didnt scan them.

Tif looks like a dork. lol but this was durring the match we took a picture. i look gay. its not our best picture.

Thats the guy who was sitting in front of us. lol it weas so cold i wanted his hoodie so bad! but we took a picture of him because he has what looked like torn underwhere on his head. he was like 7 ft tall too. sry about the black mark. when i was scanning my thumb some of the nail polish got on the scanner. lol

I know i look really yucky but its better than the one i took with bill. this was at the forgiven festival.

Dun Dun Dun! Jereemy Camp! look how close i was!!!! well accually i had the huge guy in front of me take a picture but it was still really close! hes sexy. i made aaron wait with me but he was a fag and left.

Thats Daphne, Britts cousin. she was really nice to me while i was there. can u believe i have no pics of bt on this camera. and one of my beach pics are missing. but anyway.

This is the beach. this is the pic i took when we were in t he car and i cant find the pic we took when we were accually at the beach. they stole it!

well thats all i have! bt has some she is going to send me so when i get those i'll scan em. later days

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