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write yours i would love to know

NAME: Brittany
AGE: 17
HEARTS: God; music; friends; fam; my stuffed dog Snaz; my fishies; taveling; thunderstorms; rain; sleepovers; christmas movies; lyrics that i relate to; overpriced hair products; snow; the way the colors tan and light blue match so well; the color black; my dream guitar a Angus Young Signature SG; water; ; my dream car a 1969 matalic blue(custom painted because the only bleue they came in they in is Lemans blue) stingray coupe; swimming; stripes; the color red; men in uniforms; resently, skinny dipping; trying new thing; the country; the beach; cold showers; the tv; Aqua teen hunger force; summer vacation; playing guitar; shopping; animals; the radio; photography; people who can be themselves; posters; unplanned, spontanious fun; whens its cold and u huddle in a blanket; bonfires; looking at the stars or clouds; cars in general; movies on tv; watching animals do dumb things; befriending someone new; hanging out with people you dont see often
HATES: fights; knots in my hair; headaches; humidity; pop-ups; bad movies that i watch anyway; people who do things to be cool or change who they are just to hit in; posers; Lamas, they really scare me. one chased me :(; being really cold; when people you know dont like you talk to you; when you buy something and see it cheeper somewhere else; spending my own money; someone who lies to your face; people who hate for no reason or the acts of someone else♥

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    AWEEEEEEEEE! those 3 are going to kill me.

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