July 25th, 2004


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hola! i wanted to let everyone know that i am allowed to keep that bunny i wrote about earlier. his/her name is commander. we have to build a house for it and stuff before we accually get it so yea. i made a thing on the computer to show my parents. i'm still tring to buy them over so i wanted a good presentation.

yea i know i need a life but blah on you! we are accually thinking about giving it a 2 story house much like mine but the wooden windowed section on top and then the roof section accually connected to the shed so he/she can go in there when its cold out.

anyway! in the user info i put in a new photo. usually i take the photos from a art website and then fix em up a bit and use those but this time i made my own. its huge! i know. but if its slowing down your comp or its way to big just say so i'll make it smaller. well i'm home from ohio now, and a bit tan and blonder. so yea for me! ok later days.
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