July 7th, 2004


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I was playing Xbox today and my baby cousin megan who is 6 1/2 said she wanted to play little red ridding hood. and as we were choosing stuffed animals to play the parts i reliesed what a horrid and groosom story that is. let me take you through this step by step as we are playing it! first step: the wolf eats her grandma! see thats just wronge. He EATS the grandma! step 2: he becomes a cross dresser and puts on the grandmas cloths. the woman he just ate! he is now putting on her cloths. ok step three he gets into bed in a nightgown and waits for the little girl?!?! what is that. is he a pedifile? step 4: the little girl just sees the house broken into and just walks right in! oh look the door is broken down and theres blood everywhere. ??? step 5: she sees the hairy old thing dressed in a pink nightgown and isnt suspicoius? yea ok. then asks why shes all hairy and has big teath. step 6: the wolf is about to EAT another generation of that family and a lumberjack comes in and cuts off the wolfs head right in front of the girl. step 6: a huge burly lumberjack is now left alone in a house with a girl wearing nothing but a cape...
moral of the story: being a slut will have you and your entire family killed. and to think people tell these stories to little kids right before they go to bed.
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