June 19th, 2004


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hola! i would like to list some random movies for no apparent reason! please write your favs! ps these arnt all like my favs but i just felt like it so NAH

Van Helsing
Mean girls
romeo and juliet
robinhood men in tights
chasing liberty
shrek 1 & 2
the harry potters (all 3)
the new sponge bob movie
40 days and 40 nights
shakespear in love
farris bulers day off
shankshaws redemption
reighn of fire
some like it hott (marilyn monroe)
sweet home alabama
roman holiday
breakfast at tiffanys
the sweetest thing
X men 1 & 2

i hate to stop here but tomarrow is fathers day and i have to get up and make bill breakfast. later days
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