April 30th, 2004


(no subject)

Pretending not to notice
I gazed far outside a small window
The voice of an angel fills the sky
Embraced by the wind

The noise reflected in your eyes can`t hear a thing
Now it`s just "a trick of sweet time"
I whispered to the sky

Around and round... In the time left behind, I am now
Les miserables
I loved you too much and you are now on the other side of the wall
Laughing softly

My feelings will never reach you... I`ll put them in a sigh

Bathed in the cold wind
Imagining these feelings night after night
The melody I hum softly
Is etched in time and disappears
I can`t forget the sadness that will I can never go back
Even now I can`t dye myself with these swaying emotions and my body
Is about to break...

Where can I go so that the sadness of being alone will disappear?
"I h a v e t o m o r r o w......"