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Glamour, beauty...

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Welcome to 'fashionxlove' This is a community for anyone who thinks they ahve great fashion! We don't care if you shop at Kmart, Walmart, Abercrombie and Fitch, Kohl's Channel, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, The flea market, Bebe, or you own only hand-me-downs. This is a community, where we won't judge you on your cuteness, or your atractiveness, but you personal fashion sense. Only THE most fashion savvy are accepted, those who know what they are talking about and can put together a GREAT outfit regardless of their budget. If you think you have greta fashion sense, go ahead and apply!

[x]: You must fill out an application
[o]: If you are accepted, you need to post at leats once a month with something interesting, pictures aren't needed.
[x]: No spam. You may advertise as long as it is accompanied by a worth-while post.
[o]: No harassing. We don't want bitches. You may be a bitch, and proud of it, but try and hold back a bit
[x]: No nudity. A beautiful, healthy body is ALWAYS in fashion, but keep those pictures for your personal journals please!
[o]: Put 'Smile For The Camera!' as the subject of your post to show that you've read the rules.
[x]: If you are rejected, you can re-apply after 2 weeks. If you are rejected twice, you cannot re-apply.
[o]: Put all pictures under an LJ-cut. If you have no idea how to do that, read the LJ FAQ.
[x]: When accepted: VOTE OFTEN!
[o]: Put 'stamped' as the title of your post if you've been accepted.
[x]: First 10 members are auto-accecpted. We need someone to vote!
[o]: First 10 members SHOULD post an application, but it is not REQUIRED.
[x]: Now, to show you have read the rules, put 'Work it girl' Somewhere in your post. Thanks!

1. Name/Alias:
2. Age:
3. Your type of style:
4. Favorite color to wear:
5. Style icon:
6. Stores you frequent:
7. What is style to you?:
8. What's a fashion go?:
9. What's a fashion no-no?:
10. Three items you CANNOT live without:
11: Three interesting things about yourself:

Now...Tell me what you think of these fashionistas' style:
Kirsten Dunst:
Lil' Kim:
Avril Lavigne:
Ashlee Simpson:
Karen O:
Christina Aguilera:
Halle Berry:
Jennifer Aniston:
Jessica Simpson:
Mandy Moore:
Paris Hilton:
Nicole Ritchie:
Gisele Bundchen:
Tyra Banks:
Lauren Bush:
[If you do not know all the names, it's quite alright!]

Finally, post at least two pictures of yourself, face not needed, wearing your favorite outfits. Two different outfits please!

And if there are any other interesting outfits, or items you want to show us, feel free!