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Smile for the camera...

1. Name/Alias: Gregoria/Georgia
2. Age:13
3. Your type of style: Eclectic girlie prep something, with a little punk...?
4. Favorite color to wear: red, it looks nice with blue eyes and (natural) black hair
5. Style icon: I don't have one in particular.
6. Stores you frequent: You wouldn't know them, I live in NZ.
7. What is style to you?: How you wear your clothes and the way something looks on you. Style isn't clothes, it's attitude.
8. What's a fashion go?: Wearing what YOU want
9. What's a fashion no-no?: See-through tops.
10. Three items you CANNOT live without: Silver ballet flats, thrift pearl strand and black shorts
11: Three interesting things about yourself: I wish to be fluent in French, I sew or customise most of my clothes, I am insane.

Now...Tell me what you think of these fashionistas' style:
Kirsten Dunst: Some good choices but some overly trendy
Lil' Kim: Blargh, I'm surprised she doesn't just walk out wearing nothing.
Avril Lavigne: She is NOT punk. NOT. NEVER.
Ashlee Simpson: I like it in general, but some questionable outfits
Karen O: ?
Christina Aguilera: It's so mediocre.
Halle Berry: As for above... there's nothing distinguishable about it. Nothing different.
Jennifer Aniston: Meh.
Jessica Simpson: She should wear more clothes.
Mandy Moore: She's disappeared from the music and fashion radar, so I don't think this is relevant...
Paris Hilton: *dies*
Nicole Ritchie: used to be horrible, but then she lost weight and made it right. I love hers most of anyone's on this list.
Gisele Bundchen: Good, but she probably gets free clothes from shows and campaigns, so that's not saying much.
Tyra Banks: She wears what she models
Lauren Bush: Meh.

Work it girl, I guess.

So I'm automatically in?
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