SEAN.JOHN tha TRANSGENDERED-CUNT (cmtriiadzxjay) wrote in _fashionxlove,


1. Name/Alias: Jay
2. Age: 16
3. Your type of style: Sexy prep.. with a touch of punk
4. Favorite color to wear: Almost any shade of color; red and pink preferably
5. Style icon: Glitter
6. Stores you frequent: forever 21, bebe, arden b, h&m, ecko
7. What is style to you?: glamour
8. What's a fashion go?: idk..
9. What's a fashion no-no?: fat people that wear real tight clothes and stuff that dont match (most of tha time).. im kinda color coordinated
10. Three items you CANNOT live without: Make-up, clothes, paint
11: Three interesting things about yourself: I love art, I get amused easily, I make people laugh..? i dont know

Now...Tell me what you think of these fashionistas' style:
Kirsten Dunst: good
Lil' Kim: idk too blingy
Avril Lavigne: no..
Ashlee Simpson: NO!
Karen O: i dont know who that is
Christina Aguilera: slutty
Halle Berry: good
Jennifer Aniston: alright
Jessica Simpson: alright
Mandy Moore: alright
Paris Hilton: alright
Nicole Ritchie: good
Gisele Bundchen: i dont know who that is
Tyra Banks: good
Lauren Bush: i dont know her either..
[If you do not know all the names, it's quite alright!]

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