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1. Name/Alias: Nicole
2. Age: 14
3. Your type of style:  i like every style really, but.. to tell you the truth i'm one of those girls that people wont like because they are "spoiled" but i promise im not like one of them
4. Favorite color to wear:  red
5. Style icon: not to sure what this means
6. Stores you frequent:  bloomingdales!
7. What is style to you?:  anything that i like to wear
8. What's a fashion go?:  anything that you'll like to wear
9. What's a fashion no-no?:  fat people wearing really tight things..
10. Three items you CANNOT live without:  phone..?, jewlery, and
11: Three interesting things about yourself:  I will talk to anyone, no matter who you are!  love to shop,  hate people that try and act who they really aren't just for that "someone"

Now...Tell me what you think of these fashionistas' style:
Kirsten Dunst:  She's so pretty!
Lil' Kim: a lil "big"
Avril Lavigne: i dont really go for the *punk* singers, but i still like her
Ashlee Simpson: OMG i love her so much!
Karen O: ....?
Christina Aguilera:  Good voice, but  what she wears makes me not like her
Halle Berry: i love her smile!
Jennifer Aniston: aHhH i wish she was my sister haha.  So prettYyy
Jessica Simpson:  Just a little to blonde, i mean we all have our blonde moments but she has a lot!
Mandy Moore: Ehh not my favorite.
Paris Hilton:  I wanna be that thin!
Nicole Ritchie: she's cute  lol
Gisele Bundchen: no idea who this is..
Tyra Banks:  =/ no comment
Lauren Bush: u g l y

<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v159/nikipo411/Beach/beach_007.jpg">
i have no idea how to make the picture smaller but yah im on the right =)

<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v159/nikipo411/School%20Pictures/schoolpictures_019.jpg">
my smile looks good in this picture so i figure i'll put it in lol

<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v159/nikipo411/School%20Pictures/schoolpictures_018.jpg">
there we go lol theres me... nd me and him aren't going out if you wanted to know were just "friends"


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