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loose fitting crocheted hat [14 May 2007|03:32pm]

I'm looking for a cheap version of this loose fitting crocheted hat.

(001 | Gorgeous?)

[08 Apr 2007|08:38pm]

Can anyone help me find these pieces (or something real similar) somewhere online?



[07 Jan 2006|05:06pm]



[03 Jan 2006|02:32pm]

brand new never been worn levis!
straight legged!!!
the same levis ashley olsen owns!!!
click the link to see ashley in the jeans

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

heres the line:




Jimmy left, Joni got married. [25 Dec 2005|01:39pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]


It's better than this place... someone needs to keep it alive here.


Phoebe Philo leaving Chloè? [24 Dec 2005|12:19pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

I'm gonna keep the community alive with some much-needed fashion news.

God, I can't believe this. I hope Chloè doesn't sink. Buutt, imagine how stylish her daughter will be!

"Speculation is mounting in Paris that Phoebe Philo may exit as creative director of Chloι, a brand she helped catapult into the fashion stratosphere with feminine and influential designs.

Rather than any explosive falling out, Philo's desire to spend time with family is said to be increasingly at odds with the leadership demands of one of fashion's fastest growing companies.

Although Philo just showed her first collection under a new, multiyear contract last month, the designer is in negotiations with the company about their future collaboration, sources familiar with the situation said. While the talks are under way, Philo's role in the company could change, or she could resign her position altogether.

Chloι chairman and chief executive Ralph Toledano, reached on Monday, would only say, "We don't comment on rumors," citing the policy of Chloι parent Compagnie Financiθre Richemont SA.

Philo was on vacation and could not immediately be reached for comment.
But Philo has long been uncomfortable with the media limelight, valuing her privacy over the lure of fashion celebrity. The pressures and demands of helming a brand embarking on an ambitious expansion drive have also exacted a personal toll, sources said.

The designer has been less present at Paris-based Chloι recently. She returned to work last March after taking maternity leave in advance of the Dec. 13 birth of Maya, the first child for her and her husband, art dealer Max Wigram. That season, she let her design team — Sara Jowett, Natasha Lee, Valeska Duetsch, Adrian Appiolaza and Yvan Mispelaere — take the bows while she watched from the front row.

Subsequently, the company opened a design studio in London at Philo's behest.

The behind-the-scenes turmoil has not disrupted the success of Chloι. Market sources estimated the brand generates wholesale volume of $300 million, and Richemont chairman Johann Rupert last week singled it out as a star performer as the group reported strong sales and earnings in the first half.

By Miles Socha and Robert Murphy, from www.wwd.com"

Another article said "While it's too early to say who might replace Phoebe, with Helmut Lang, Roland Mouret and Jil Sander all jobless at the moment, it's definitely one to watch"

Who are you guys backing? I'm going for Land or Mouret, I'm not a huge Sander fan.



Smile for the camera... [24 Dec 2005|12:01pm]

[ mood | curious ]

1. Name/Alias: Gregoria/Georgia
2. Age:13
3. Your type of style: Eclectic girlie prep something, with a little punk...?
4. Favorite color to wear: red, it looks nice with blue eyes and (natural) black hair
5. Style icon: I don't have one in particular.
6. Stores you frequent: You wouldn't know them, I live in NZ.
7. What is style to you?: How you wear your clothes and the way something looks on you. Style isn't clothes, it's attitude.
8. What's a fashion go?: Wearing what YOU want
9. What's a fashion no-no?: See-through tops.
10. Three items you CANNOT live without: Silver ballet flats, thrift pearl strand and black shorts
11: Three interesting things about yourself: I wish to be fluent in French, I sew or customise most of my clothes, I am insane.

Now...Tell me what you think of these fashionistas' style:
Kirsten Dunst: Some good choices but some overly trendy
Lil' Kim: Blargh, I'm surprised she doesn't just walk out wearing nothing.
Avril Lavigne: She is NOT punk. NOT. NEVER.
Ashlee Simpson: I like it in general, but some questionable outfits
Karen O: ?
Christina Aguilera: It's so mediocre.
Halle Berry: As for above... there's nothing distinguishable about it. Nothing different.
Jennifer Aniston: Meh.
Jessica Simpson: She should wear more clothes.
Mandy Moore: She's disappeared from the music and fashion radar, so I don't think this is relevant...
Paris Hilton: *dies*
Nicole Ritchie: used to be horrible, but then she lost weight and made it right. I love hers most of anyone's on this list.
Gisele Bundchen: Good, but she probably gets free clothes from shows and campaigns, so that's not saying much.
Tyra Banks: She wears what she models
Lauren Bush: Meh.

Work it girl, I guess.

So I'm automatically in?

[18 Aug 2005|12:13am]

Sorry if this isn't alowed but, I figured that seeing as this community is kinda dull we should get it going more, and when people see that we promote here they will check it out.


[17 Aug 2005|11:30am]

[ mood | yes! ]

U lIkE mY sTyLe?Collapse )


XOxo.[Application.]oxOX [11 Aug 2005|10:54pm]


1. Name/Alias: Jay
2. Age: 16
3. Your type of style: Sexy prep.. with a touch of punk
4. Favorite color to wear: Almost any shade of color; red and pink preferably
5. Style icon: Glitter
6. Stores you frequent: forever 21, bebe, arden b, h&m, ecko
7. What is style to you?: glamour
8. What's a fashion go?: idk..
9. What's a fashion no-no?: fat people that wear real tight clothes and stuff that dont match (most of tha time).. im kinda color coordinated
10. Three items you CANNOT live without: Make-up, clothes, paint
11: Three interesting things about yourself: I love art, I get amused easily, I make people laugh..? i dont know

Now...Tell me what you think of these fashionistas' style:
Kirsten Dunst: good
Lil' Kim: idk too blingy
Avril Lavigne: no..
Ashlee Simpson: NO!
Karen O: i dont know who that is
Christina Aguilera: slutty
Halle Berry: good
Jennifer Aniston: alright
Jessica Simpson: alright
Mandy Moore: alright
Paris Hilton: alright
Nicole Ritchie: good
Gisele Bundchen: i dont know who that is
Tyra Banks: good
Lauren Bush: i dont know her either..
[If you do not know all the names, it's quite alright!]

XOxo.[Application.]oxOXCollapse )

(004 | Gorgeous?)

[05 Oct 2004|05:14pm]

What about me :-*Collapse )</small>


[14 Aug 2004|03:01pm]

join hot_enuff_xo community!


[14 Aug 2004|04:03am]


join hereCollapse )

(001 | Gorgeous?)

join this [11 Aug 2004|01:40am]

Join Tap_Dat its a great place!!!


smile for the camera [03 Aug 2004|12:59am]



fashion<3Collapse )


Welcome! [02 Aug 2004|02:31pm]

Welcome to fashionxlove.
First ten members are accepted automatically!
Read our rules, and then post.
Make sure to vote on new members often!
Comment comment comment, and always give feedback on someone's look.
Give lots of advice if someone asks for it.
Have fun!

-The Mod.

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