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you just want to be us.

too bad you can't

we are the cool kids
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All Members , Moderated
This is where to go if you're scene, you shouldn't get bashed here
don't like scene? don't bash here!
there is an entire community devoted to bashing scene kids, go there!

1:Don't bash, we're all cool here
2: Not a memeber, don't comment unless you're stamped
3: Not Stamped? Apply.
4: Not having fun? leave, don't tell us, just do it.
5: Always follow the rules, when here, the mods are your gods/deities.


Usual Stuff
1: Name
2: Age
3: Where your scene is.
4: How you found out about this community.
5: Are you scene?

A little more
6: Do you listen to good music? list your bands...
7: What about music you hate? List 'em
8: Movies anyone, you gotta like atleast one...
9: Books...
10: What about David Bowie, do you like him?? (correct answer gets you point in my book)
11: Do you play an instrument? are you in a band? tell us!!

About Us and You
12: What will you bring to this community?
13: Where have you promoted us? (Hint: This means promote us before you join)
14: Are you going to be an asshole, or a nice person to applicants? (doesn't matter either way, we just want to know)
15: Make up a passowrd to get in

What You look like
16: What do you look Like?
17: Give us some pictures!!!
(atleast two of them must show your face clearly [no hair in face] and the rest can be what you want [no nudity])