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_fashionextreme's Journal

vintage, no?
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This is a community for all the kiddos out there who love fashion/Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.
___this is for
[x]pictures of your fashion or fashion you like.
[x]fashion tips.
[x]talk about MK and A fashion.
[x]pictures of make-up.
[x]asking questions.
[x]anything else related to fashion.

___guidelines to keep in mind
[x]please don't diss anyone's sense of fashion. if you don't like it, that's fine. but please state your opinions in a kind manor.
[x]your can host pictures at: fotki, picturetrail, snapfish, seemesmile.
[x]this is a community about the fashion of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. this isn't a community for advertising your other stupid communities, this isn't for posting about your relationship issues, and definitely don't come here if you're just going to be an idiot to everyone. got it?
[x]all pictures must go under an lj-cut, kthnx.

aim; on the lie xxx
e-mail; spaz830@hotmail.com

aim; by the shoreline
e-mail; agirlnamedness@hotmail.com

aim; VuittonWannabe
e-mail; allisemailaddress2@excite.com

Have a nice day.