Tall dark and creepy

One happy family

It was a long night, even for me. I sat in my room, and brooded about my children. See, every patriarch wants their family to be happy. Loved, and always supported. And I wondered, was I supporting them in their individual endeavors? Was I doing what a good father would? I think I was taking too much delight in being master, and not keeping up with my duties.

After all, not only are we the order of Aureilus, but I am, after all Aureilus (for who else than Aurielus could be The Master, himself?) It's my job to help carry out our traditions, and make memories for us all. With that thought, I left my room with a lighter heart, going to seek out my family.

Walking out toward the warehouse, I ran into Willow in the tunnels. My sweet girl, almost as wonderful as Darla turned out to be, and hasn't yet turned on me, as Darla did once.

"Be careful, my dear. I would hate to lose anyone of our dear family. Dust flies so easily in the wind, don't you think?" I smiled at her, and she seemed to have something good on her mind, plus just being a dear herself.

"Darling Willow, soon we must get the family together and have a picnic, don't you think? Perhaps tomorrow night?" I stroked her cheek fondly as I walked past, trying to whistle a little tune. My canines always seemed to get in the way. But, that is the price you pay, for immortality.

She'd see to getting everyone together, and we'd have a nice little outing. There will be innocent blood on our hands tomorrow night!
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I returned to the warehouse in quite a happy mood. Things were going smoothly, though a bit slowly, with Tara. She was such a sweet thing, sweeter then my new little red haired puppy. Which reminds me I should really go check on the dear she may after all be wanting some loving, I thought with a grin playing upon my lips.

"Miki..." I said in a soft playful tone when I opened the door to my room, stepping casually within and then closing the door behind me.

"Ah, there you are pet." Speaking as I starting walking toward her. Miki cowered back toward the wall, tugging on her chains as if that would help in giving her more freedom to move away from me.

The morning and afternoon passed by quickly, I had such an enjoyable time with Miki. I do believe I taught her some tricks she had never before experienced. There still was some fight left in her, well I did not want her completely broken just yet.

After I left Miki, who I had still in chains in my room, I started for the tunnels. The Master caught me just as I was heading down toward the tunnels, telling me to be cautious and I do believe he hinted that we should go hunting one night soon. We being him, Angelus, Darla and myself. Now that would be fun I thought with a genuine grin as I walked down the stairs into the tunnel.

It did not take me long to reach Tara's house, coming up into her basement from the tunnel. I waited silently in the basement until I was sure the sun had begun to set. I then climbed the stairs to the floor above. It didn't seem like Tara was in the house so I chose a chair in the corner of her living room that sat within the shadows. I sat down finding the chair quite comfy. It was large and cushiony and I do believe it would accommodate two people. I now just had to wait for Tara to return home.

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U-up on fifth... third house on the right..Why?"

"I want to make certain you get home safely." I returned, giving her a smile as I walked her down the street in the direction of her home. I knew the location of the house she mentioned and smiled cause a tunnel ran directly beneath where she lived which was convenient for me as I now could visit any time I wished.

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Bored bored bored bored B-O-R-E-D!!!

It's dull, dry and flat out partyless up top.
'Course.. with the bait Will's bringin' home.. I gotta figure out where she's gettin' 'em.

I'll admit, hers was quite a looker, but I like mine with more.. muscle.
I happened to catch a whiff of one a few moments before, but in my boredom fit, I didn't pursue.
I just watched.. and saw that she didn't live too far from the warehouse..

Lucky me.

I snuck off so as to not be noticed.

Walking out on the street, it was only a fraction busier than it was about a half hour ago. But.. not much.

I mean, come ON. I'm cute, I'm lonely and I need some company.
And with my luck, she'll have friends over!

((Someone wanna follow?))

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I wake up out of a startling dream, almost as if from a trance.

My window showed the same it always had- darkness, the dirty air which filled Sunnydale, day in and day out.

Screams split the night from a distance, but that wasn't uncommon.
Getting out of bed, silence in my own apartment greeted me.
Which wasn't uncommon.

I just..wish it wasn't so lonely..

I knew it was dangerous going out..at all...
but I ventured out my door anyway, hoping for something..anything.

((Open to anyone))

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I sat up quickly, the sun hitting my eyes in full force. The lumpy couch I had slept on creaking slightly as I moved. Groaning, I could feel the tight muscles in my back protest from the night's sleeping arrangements.

Oh gawd. Last night wasn't a dream. She really did this to me. Sent me to a world of no Buffy, no sweet Willow. No her.

How the hell do I get back? Can't beg for forgiveness crawling on glass here. She has to hate me more than I even thought she would.

I am so screwed.

I heard sounds coming from the kitchen and groaned again. Somehow seeing a sane Drusilla in the morning sipping her mug of Opos just wasn't put of a reality I was in favor of. Or Amy being all sweet and non ratty. Because this isn't real. It's not happening.

The sound of the door opening brought me back to the fact that it was real. That this reality was slamming me in the face. I was a new man here.

I was a new man here.

Completely new. I could act however I wanted and no one would be the wiser. Like a stud. Yeah, I could be me but more. Confident. Not the abused kid hiding behind a wall of jokes.

Looking over at the door I smirked as the raven haired tormentor of dreams from my world came into view.

"Hey Faith. Hear you're the Chosen girl in these parts."

A new red haired puppy to play with

After leaving the Bronze with Miki it was easy to guide her down the alleyway toward the abandoned warehouse I liked to use. Good thing I had made sure the remains of past victims were cleared out, cause that surely would freak the girl out if the first scene she saw when we entered was a couple dead, decaying bodies.

"It might seem a bit quiet now, but I assure you, Miki, things will definitely pick up." I told her with a grin, the door of the warehouse squeaking as I eased it open, letting Miki enter first, I closed the door then before us after stepping inside.

"It's dark in here." Miki commented as she glanced around the dark interior of the warehouse.

"I know, it is how I like it." I said coming up behind Miki, reaching for her I turned her slowly so she would now be facing me. "Trust me?" I asked lightly.

"Of course, Willow." She said with a sweet smile, no indication of fear seen within those lovely green eyes of hers. The small trust spell seemed to still be holding, which was a good thing.

I leaned in then, capturing her lips with my own as I slowly worked her denim jacket down her arms, letting it slip to the ground once I had gotten it off. I had felt her startle a little when I first pressed my lips to hers, but then she seemed to relax and enjoy the kiss, even when I let my teeth cut into her lower lip, the crimson that flowed forth was certainly sweet.

"Did you know you taste good, Miki?" I said after withdrawing my mouth from hers.

"I do?" was her response. I could see slight confusion in her eyes now.

"Yes you do and now I want to taste more." My features changed in a second as I brushed the hair away from her shoulder. I could tell she was unsure about things now, but that really didn't matter. I leaned toward her now, my mouth seeking out her neck, teeth sinking in once my lips touched her warm flesh. The piercing of her tender flesh and my drinking of her essence cause her to gasp and cry out, I was not bothered by that because it was not like any one would hear her.

When I finished taking that second taste I drew back, licking my lips as I did so. My features returning to how they previously look. My drinking of Miki's blood put her in a slightly weakened state and I had to hold her up so she would not drop unsteadily to the ground.

"Why did you do that?" Miki asked weakly, running her fingers over the fresh bite marks in her neck as she leaned against me, her form encircled within my arms.

"Because I knew you would taste good, sweetling. And now we have to go home." I stated, walking now toward the door with Miki leaning against me. It might be good having a puppy to play with again, a red headed one this time.

"My home?" Miki asked in a whisper after I had gotten her out of the warehouse. Heading in the direction of the underground home I lived in.

"No, Miki....my home." She didn't like that answered and started to struggle. I got a firmer grip on her which was easy in the state Miki was presently in.

When I finally returned home with Miki, seeing no one of importance currently around, the Master must be above enjoy the night, perhaps he is even doing a bit of hunting. I saw no sign of Angelus, Darla or Xander so I figured they were above as well.

I took Miki to my room, making sure the door was closed behind us before walking her to my bed. I am sure her loud cries of resistance and the loud whimpering that followed could be heard on the other side of the door, but I knew no one down here would interrupt me and my newly found pet. It was a way to pass the time until the others starting returning.

(Open to The Master, Angelus, Darla and Anya if she ventures below.)

And I Was Having Such A Great Evening...

We did good. Pissed off some bad guys, saved some innocents...And then for the clincher, we found ourselves a human Xander Harris from a parallel universe. One who was sent here by Vengence Demon Anyanka, because he apparently left her at the altar.

What the hell is that about?

I'm surprised Drusilla took it so well considering their previous history. Well not theirs I mean her and this world's Xander. Wait, I'm confusing myself again.

The big problem was how to tell the others? What to tell Faith? God what to tell Jesse?

It would be a while till we got home so...

"So Harris, let's talk. Tell me about your world?"

[[Open to Xander & Dru]]
Tall dark and creepy

Going out at night

I love sitting on the roof of The Bronze, and watch the town unfold below me. It is all mine for the taking. Willow went out earlier, I can only hope she and her friends find some more fun in this place. We havne't killed all the humans. After all, what would we eat then?

The moon is so beautiful, much nicer than staying underground all the time. I just hope my followers come visit me soon. Even I get a bit lonely.

I sighed. Perhaps I need to go on my own hunt. Yes, that's what I needed. "I wonder if there are any virgin left in this town" I mused to myself. I stood and took a jump, landing lightly on the ground below. A child, no more than 15 stood where I landed, her face contorted in fear, no doubt at my countance. Fear always did give the blood a picquant taste.

"Child, come to me now." I held out a hand, and she took one my long, sharp fingers in her soft, all too human hand. "I promise, my child, that this shall only hurt a little." She even smiled, believing my words, willing to give it up so easily. Wasn't my fault I could capture with my voice, as some of my children could do after me.

He sighes, pulling her head back, and rearing in for the bite. Sounds of sucking ensue, the girl falls to the ground. Wiping blood from his mouth

"It just isn't the same, with her gone. She had the most marvelous mind. I couldn't always follow her, but as long as she made sense to herself, Dru was a wonder to be around. She had my gift. And now she's gone, given a filthy soul." Belching slightly.

"I can't even enjoy my dinner, without thoughts of what she has become causing me to feel ill." I shake my head.

"Oh well. I guess we'll just have to kill her." I head back to our home, and await the return of my children and the other vampires who have done the smart thing, and follow me. Maybe they'll have good news for me.

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My fingers curled lightly around the railing as I laid my hands on it, leaning forward to look down from the walkway I stood on at the crowded main floor of the Bronze.

"So naive and unassuming, just waiting to be plucked like a farm yard chicken." I said softly with a grin and mostly to myself as I watched the boys and girls move around the floor, interacting with each other or at least trying to, below me.

This certainly was looking to be a delicious night, what with so many lovelies to chose from. All I needed to decide is if I wished a blonde, a red head or a raven haired little puppy and if it should be a male or a female. Perhaps I shall play a little game. I thought, letting my gaze continue to drift over the masses below.

"Eeny, meeny, miney, mo." I said with a chuckle as my finger danced around, moving from unsuspecting soul to the next as the words were spoken.

(Sorry for the shortness...open to Angelus, Darla and Anya.)