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The Fanfiction Archives
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All fanfics. All fandoms.
Page updated on November 2015.

A multifandom community where you can post your own fanfics, recommend fics written by other authors and/or find new stories to read. Fanart (drawings or paintings) is welcome as well.

This is meant to be a friendly place, where members and visitors can have fun without having to deal with fight-seekers, trolls, spammers and the such.

Membership requests and new posts are moderated to protect this community from the spam bots that sometimes attack LJ.

Current rules:

1. Here's a list of things the mods will *not* tolerate: plagiarism, trolling, stalking, spam, fights, flame wars, attempts to pass moral judgement on readers or writers, personal posts, badmouthing, character bashing, ship bashing, genre bashing, fan bashing.

2. No introduction posts, please.

3. Ads for other communities or sites can only be posted by the mods. Sorry, but this isn't a general promo community. Please, do not contact me to request that we advertise anything on your behalf.

4. There's a huge difference between offering constructive criticism and being rude. If you lack the ability or will to control your harshness, you should refrain from offering concrit, especially if the author hasn't explicitly requested it.

5. You should only post your own creations. Never post fanfics, reviews or drawings created by someone else. Linking to someone else's work is generally acceptable. Just keep in mind that some people don't want to have their works linked by anyone, and their wishes should be respected.

6. The mods reserve the right to handle issues not covered by these rules on a case-by-case basis. The mods also reserve the right to delete entries and/or ban users who infringe the community's rules.

These rules will likely be revised from time to time. It's your responsibility to reread them before you post anything to this community.

For a similar DreamWidth community, please visit [community profile] fanfics.

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Affiliated Communities

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a low-pressured challenged-based community that encourages original writing and creative/constructrive criticism in a family-type atmosphere.
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The current challenge is to write fanfiction for a scenario that involves a blizzard, hypothermia and one blanket. Fanfic writers for anime fandoms are all welcome to join and participate!
The main purpose of the community is to create an avenue for Card Captor Sakura Fanfiction writers to post their stories and seek critical evaluation for it from fellow fans.
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A Fatal Frame community encouraging fanfics and fanart.

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