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Domestic Bliss - (12th Doctor, River Song)
Tribble at the Door
Title: Domestic Bliss
Author: betawho
Rating: G
Characters: 12th Doctor, River Song
Words: 295

Summary: They'd taken a house for their 24 year long night on Darillium. It was novel for both of them to actually live together. She was finding it was full of unexpected pleasures...Read more...Collapse )

Keeping the closet door closed - FINAL
Title: Keeping the closet door closed
Fandom: BigBang
Characters: G-dragon, Seungri, TOP, Taeyang, Daesung
Ships: Gri
Rating: T

Part 4

Eerie, Indiana fanfiction: Lawn
bitch, please
Title: Lawn
Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Characters: Marilyn Teller, Marshall Teller
Rating: PG
Notes: written for Day 23 of 31_days September challenge. The prompt was "provocative maintenance"

Eerie, Indiana fanfiction: Awakening
bitch, please
Title: Awakening
Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Characters: Mary C. Carter
Prompt: 25-Jun-2016 "all around her, the world is burning"
Length: 341 words
Rating: PG

Eerie, Indiana fanfiction: Sculpture
bitch, please
Title: Sculpture
Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Characters: Sara Sue, Harley, the Unkind Ones
Length: 281 words
Rating: G

Dark Horse (28/28)
TITLE: Dark Horse
SERIES: Once Upon a Time
RATING: Mature
GENRE: Romance/Family
PAIRING/S: Emma Swan/Killian Jones, Regina Mills/Robin Hood, Snow White/Prince Charming, Will Scarlett/Belle French
SUMMARY: Emma moves back to town following the highly-publicized scandal that leaves Killian Jones as the new owner of the Huntsman's Horn Stables. She's determined to help pick up the pieces in the wake of the tragedy, even with the eyes of the racing world on Storybrooke Downs--and the eyes of the new trainer on her. (COMPLETE)

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Eerie, Indiana/Gortimer Gibbons fanfiction: Sisters
bitch, please
Title: Sisters
Fandom: Eerie, Indiana/Gortimer Gibbons
Character: Mayor Henrietta Lee, Weatherman Wally
Rating: PG
Word Count: 536 words

Eerie, Indiana fanfic: Shoreline
bitch, please
Title: Shoreline
Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Character/Pairing: Marshall Teller, Simon Holmes
Rating: G
Length: 434 words

Eerie, Indiana fanfiction: Multiplicity
bitch, please
Title: Multiplicity
Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Character/Pairing: Marshall Teller, the Milkman
Rating: G
Length: 200 words

Eerie, Indiana fanfiction: Plans
bitch, please
Title: Plans
Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Characters: Janet Donner
Length: 333 words
Notes: written for the 31_days prompt, "by land or water, girl, get outta town"

Eerie, Indiana fanfiction: Still
bitch, please
Title: Still
Series: Eerie, Indiana
Character/Pairing: Weatherman Wally
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 507
Notes: Written for Day 26 of the 31_days prompt, "Tell me, when will this wild wind fall still"

Girl, You Ain't Nothin' but a Raw Ramp [Formula 1/Rush]
Title: Girl, You Ain't Nothin' but a Raw Ramp
Fandom: Formula 1/Rush
Characters/Pairings: girl!Hunt/girl!Lauda, Regazzoni
Summary: If the two of them had been friends, they might have been able to make into a joke whatever intricate radical feminist conspiracy these assholes were cooking up in their imaginations to explain why they were suddenly having to worry about the female competition; but they weren’t.
Overall Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Homophobia and misogyny issues (some internalized), slurs.

Dark Horse - Chapter 23
TITLE: Dark Horse
SERIES: Once Upon a Time
GENRE: Romance/Mystery/Drama
PAIRING/S: Emma Swan/Killian Jones, Mary Margaret Blanchard/David Nolan, Regina Mills/Robin Hook
SUMMARY: Chapter preview:
She pulls out her phone as she sits at her desk, scrolling through her contacts. She hesitates over Killian’s number; he’d called Mary Margaret, after all, maybe he doesn’t want to talk to her right now. Maybe he’s trying to hide - shut up, Emma mentally growls.

She has to trust him. If she really does love him, she has to trust him.

She hits the call button.

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