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[24] A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All
[14] Supernatural - 4x01 - Lazarus Rising, 4x06 - Yellow Fever
[20] Firefly - 1x11 - The Message
[15] Never Mind the Buzzcocks - 22x01, 22x02, 22x06
[45] Torchwood - 1x12 - Captain Jack Harkness, 2x09 - Something Borrowed, + Misc Christmas Icons
[32] Doctor Who - 2x07 - The Idiot's Lantern, 2x08 - The Impossible Planet, 3x06 - The Lazarus Experiment, + Misc Christmas Icons


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Icons! Icons!

Here is the icons I promised after the win of President Elect Obama (I am still getting used to saying that!)

2 x X Files
4 x Twilight
42 x Indecision 08 (starring Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Rob Riggle, John Oliver, Larry Wilmore, Jason Jones and Wyatt Cenac)

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Icons anyone?

New batch! Good times! :D

Bit of a dump - sorry if this kills le dial up!

[18] - Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert
[9] - David Tennant (In Hamlet - Except for One Doctor Who)
[7] - Flight Of The Conchords
[10] - Female Celebrities (Scarlett Johansson, Marilyn Monroe, Rose McGowan, )
[9] - Male Celebrities (Elijah Woods, Gaspard Ulliel, Julian Barratt, Jake Gyllenhaal, Conan O'Brien, Masi Oka)
[3] - Random ( Spaced photoshoot, I Am America quote, Guitar shot.)

[3] - San Fransisco view
[3] - Hugh Laurie
[1] - Stephen Colbert
[1] - Scarlett Johansson
[2] - Jake Gyllenhall & Jason Swartzmann

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Enjoy 'em!

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Batch Of Icons!

Right, here is a new icon batch! Here we go! The first half of the post with lots more Strangers With Candy and Playing By Heart! ^_^
Some of these are my attempts at humour

[8] - Quotes
[5] - Fall Out Boy
[12] - The Daily Show/The Colbert Report
[28] - Doctor Who (Journey's End - No Real Spoilers)
[4] - Playing By Heart (The rest of the cast are in the next post)
[7] - Strangers With Candy (Stephen Colbert)
[2] - Blackadder II
[2] - Supernatural Boys

Comments are like Oxygen! :D
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Do You Feel Teased?
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Doctor Who, The Daily Show, Ugly Betty

Some icons and a friends only banner for your enjoyment.

Doctor Who S3 - "42" [12]
Ugly Betty (Becki Newton & Michael Urie) - [3]
The Daily Show [16]
The Colbert Report [7]
The Wombats [5]
Ghostbusters [1]

FO banner:
Becki Newton & Michael Urie

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Enjoy them! ^_^

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