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(3)Game of thrones, (2)Mirror Mirror, (2)300:rise of an empire, (2)The Great Gatsby,
(3)Daredevil, (1)Star Wars, (2)Spartacus, (1)The other Boleyn girl, (1)King Arthur,
(1)Mad Max:Fury Road, (1)Reign, (1)La Belle la Bete, (1)Dracula, (2)Camelot,
(1)Vikings, (2)Dracula Untold

9-1-1 | Buck/Eddy

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[2] Agent Carter, [2] Hunting Season, [2] Into the Wild, [2] Kingsman: The Secret Service, [2] Person of Interest, [2] Pushing Daisies, [2] Quantico, [2] Spartacus, [2] Teen Wolf, [1] Banshee, [1] Daredevil, [1] Faking It, [1] How To Get Away With Murder, [1] Legend of the Seeker, [1] Legends of Tomorrow, [1] Suits


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Fandoms: Agent Carter, Alias, Agents of SHIELD, Dollhouse, Downton Abbey, Firefly, Forever, The Borgias, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Elementary, Friends, Gilmore Girls, How to Get Away With Murder, Grimm, Gotham, iZombie, Leverage, Killjoys, The Librarians, The 100, Sense8, Selfie, Orphan Black, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, The Hour, The Tudors, The Vampire Diaries, Veronica Mars, The Walking Dead, Suits, Spartacus, Teen Wolf, Stardust

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