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Teen Wolf - (207) Stiles & Erica hallway

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t-bag: they always try to run away

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Les Misérables [19], LOST [13], Defiance [10], Once Upon a Time [10], Doctor Who [7], BTVS [6], Supernatural [5], The Big Bang Theory [5], Farscape [2], Pitch Perfect [2], Sucker Punch  [2]
Game of Thrones, Hannibal, Haven, Lost Girl, PreCure, Psycho Pass, Raising Hope, Ringer, Ripper Street, Six Feet Under, Suits, The Killing, The New Normal [1 each]

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[01-44] - Tv-shows (supernatural, teen wolf, the vampire diaries, arrow, queer as folk, misfits, glee, game of thrones, once upon a time, pan am, ringer)
[45-52] - Movies & celebs (harry potter, the mortal instruments, the hunger games, the chronicles of narnia, madagascar, jennifer lawrence)