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supernatural glee

multi-fandom icons



36 House
18 Veronica Mars
18 The Office
16 Chuck
7 Buffy
3 Alias
3 How I Met Your Mother
2 30 Rock
2 Casino Royale
1 each: Friends, Angel, Bones, Skins, Moonlight, Elizabeth, Empire Strikes Back, American Psycho, Atonement, Deathproof, King Kong

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into Jesus

Motley Crue, M*A*S*H* and She-Ra

57 Motley Crue heavy on Nikki.
here @ my journal.

103 She-Ra from jadeleopard's caps the "I Have The Power" music vid, featuring scenes from The Secret Of The Sword and some funky animated effects that I thought looked pretty. Use them for icons or textures, whatever.
here @ my journal.

77 MASH mostly s3 here @ my journal.

X-posted various places, apologies to those who see them more than once.