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20 multifandom for 20inspirations
Fandoms: Teen Wolf, Legend of the Seeker, Pushing Daisies, Nikita, Under the Dome, Doctor Who, Queer as Folk, Supernatural, Breaking Bad, Shameless (US), Revolution, Arrow, The 100, Prison Break, Intelligence, Skins (UK), Hunting Season, Sleepy Hollow, Lost, Friday Night Lights

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Teen Wolf - (207) Stiles & Erica hallway

221 multi-fandom tv icons

221 x TV icons

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Avengers (21)
Eureka (17)
The Walking Dead (10)
Leverage (08)
Better off Ted (06)
Once Upon a Time (05)
Suits (05)
Elementary (05)
Go On (05)
Friday Night Lights (05)
Community (04)
True Blood (03)
Shameless US (03)
Pushing Daisies (02)
Snow White and the Huntsman (02)
Parks and Recreation (02)
How I met your mother (02)
New Girl (01)
Game of Thrones (01)
Revenge (01)
Lost Girl (01)
Doctor Who (01)
Mad Men (01)
Pinky & the Brain (01)
misc Celebs (05)

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spn - dean look

20 Icons Random Fandoms

20 Icons: for couples20in20

• Random Fandoms: 1.Bones, 1.Brothers&Sisters, 4.Chuck, 1.Doctor Who, 1.Falling Skies, 1.Friday Night Lights, 2.Fringe, 1.Haven, 1.Hawaii Five-0, 1.How I Met Your Mother, 1.Leverage, 2.NCIS: Los Angeles, 1.Torchwood, 1.Veronica Mars, 1.White Collar


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here @ babyara
XMFC: E & C on steps

Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, Lost, Misfits, X-Files, X-Men (+ more!) Icons @ MOSAICALLY

1-5 Lost
6-13 Misfits
14-17 Battlestar Galactica
18-21 Game of Thrones
22-29 X-Files
30-35 X-Men: First Class
36-45 Miscellaneous (Downton Abbey, Friday Night Lights, Doctor Who x2, Grease, the Notebook, Sucker Punch x2, Defiance, the Notebook, Harry Potter)
46-54 Alts
If you like what you see, watch/join mosaically.
[Movie] Happy Holly
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[48] The Hunger Games
[48] Misc. (Doctor Who, Vampire Diaries, Lost, SDoaCG etc.)
[23] True Blood
[20] Downton Abbey
[15] Whedonverse (Dollhouse, Buffy, Avengers...)
[13] Game of Thrones
[10] Atonement
[9] Fringe
[8] The Borgias
[7] Community
[3] Battlestar Galactica