Tags: tv: desperate housewives

Jodi Gordon for Diva

Various TV shows

01-20 Charmed (Prue only)
21-32 Friends
33-41 Desperate Housewives
42-50 The OC
51-63 Full House
(Michelle mostly)
64-71 Rizzoli & Isles + Angie Harmon & Sasha Alexander
72 Criminal Minds
73-74 CSI: Miami
75-77 CSI: NY
78-80 Sister, Sister
81-111 Various TV shows
(Bones x1, Brothers & Sisters x1, The Closer cast x4, The Cosby Show x1, Covert Affairs x2, Doctor Who x1, Game of Thrones x1, Leverage x2, Long Mire x1, Lost x2, Lost Girl x1, Men Behaving Badly x1, Merlin x1, Nikita cast x4, Psych x1, Ringer x3, Scandal x1, Skins x1, The Tudors x2)

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