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breaking bad (3), community (8), true blood (3), american horror story, downton abbey (2), dead like me (2), dexter (6), misfits (11), eastbound and down (5), new girl, once upon a time, parks and recreation (3), justified, fresh prince of bel-air, arrested development, game of thrones, mad men, billie piper (3), jason schwartzman, mindy kaling, azealia banks
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community, dead like me, game of thrones, misfits, parks and recreation, fringe, veronica mars, its always sunny, the vampire diaries, the walking dead, true blood, jarvis cocker, adele, florence, gaga, january jones, kristen bell
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[47] Actresses gillian jacobs, felicity jones, krysten ritter, emma stone, megan fox, amanda seyfried, and stephanie march
[6] Darren Criss

[4] Zombie Ms. Marvel
[16] Misc TV glee, firefly, band of brothers, and dead like me
[29] Justified
[3] Tumblr graphics Kat Dennings and Krysten Ritter


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Kevin Durand - Multifandom

227 Kevin Durand character icons from:

Andromeda [12], Big Momma's House [4], The Butterfly Effect [3], The Collector [8], CSI [1], Dead Like Me [11], The Echo [7], Greener Mountains [15], Legion [11], Lost [40], Mob Princess [3], Mystery Alaska [12], Otis E. [12], Robin Hood [8], Shark [3], Smokin' Aces [11], Stargate SG-1 [12], Stars [4], Tarzan [2], Threshold [8], Throwing Stars / Who's Your Monkey? [15], 12 Hours to Live [12], Walking Tall [2], Without a Trace [7], X-Men Origins: Wolverine [2]

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[23] Emma Stone
[16] Megan Fox
[43] Golden Globes featuring the Glee Girls + Chris Colfer and Mila Jovovich
[43] Misc Actors/Actresses Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Michael Fassbender, Anna Faris, Amy Adams
[8] Katy Perry
[9] Ms. Marvel
[19] Misc TV Doctor Who "The New Doctor" + one with Donna, Misfits cast, Dead Like Me


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