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Multi-fandom TV 208 icon post with Absolutely Fabulous, Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, Galavant, Extant, Humans, Sapphire & Steel, Star Trek, Minority Report, Under the Dome, The X-Files, Medium, The Comic Strip Presents, The Vicar of Dibley, Blandings, Jeeves & Wooster, The Muppets, The Simpsons, American Dad, Selfie, The Munsters, The Addams Family, Charmed, Merlin

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[20] Assorted fandoms (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries // Buffy the Vampire Slayer // Agent Carter // Pretty Little Liars // Doctor Who // Alias // Gotham // The Comeback // Homeland // Spartacus // Vikings // Supernatural // The Walking Dead // Misfits // Revenge // Reign // True Blood // Sex and the City // Fringe // Charmed)

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Leonard McCoy

Various & Gotham:

{20 + 11 Alt} - Various: Gotham (Fish Mooney, Jim Gordon, Victor Zsasz), Teen Wolf (Jordan Parrish, Derek Hale), Charmed (Piper Halliwell), Sleepy Hollow (Abbie Mills, Ro’kenhrontyes), OUaT (Red/Snow), Lexx (Xev/Kai), Sailor Moon (Sailor Mercury), Batman the Animated Series (Batman), BtVS (Buffy), Sanctuary (Nikola Tesla)- tvcharacter20

{20 + 4 Alt} - Gotham - Season 1 - season20in20


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