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BtVS/AtS - Buffy - Behind

Fantasy Icons

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BtVS - Buffy - Red


This is probably going to be my last icon/art post of 2018, so I wanted to get them all out there.

Hover for Fandom/Type.


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Random - Deadpool - Upside Down

September/October Icons + Some Other Art

Icons made during the last two months, mostly for challenges. Plus some banners, wallpapers and sidebar GIFs.


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BtVS/AtS - Buffy - Light

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1-4: Buffy Summers
5-6: Holland Roden
7: Colton Haynes
8: Allison Argent
9-11: Leverage (Eliot, Eliot/Parker/Hardison, Hardison)
12: Jared Padalecki
13: Felicia Day
14: Billie (Supernatural)
15-16: Poldark (Ross, Ross/Demelza)
17: Bellamey
18: Amanita Caplin
19: Alex Danvers
20: Michelle Rodriguez
21: Bryce Dallas Howard
22: Sophia Bush
23: Sandra Bullock
24: Gina Rodriguez
25-26: Stock Icons (California)


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